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Over the course of my career, and besides being a certified Agile Trainer, I’ve acquired more than 50 globally recognized credentials from several highly reputable organizations so I deeply understand the importance and value / impact each and every one of those certifications can have on a professional level.

I am aware as well that, for many certifications, the application process can be cumbersome, while for others, finding reliable resources and courses, can be a concern.  Worry not, I can help:

  • Provide general training for individuals and organizations in Agile Project Management.
  • Establish an internal project management training certification program for organizations.
  • Guide candidates through various certifications.
  • Assist candidates in completing their applications for various certifications. 
  • Guide candidates in case their applications were audited.
  • Provide a study plan along with reliable list of resources.
  • Mentor candidates wanting to get a global certification one on one throughout the course of their preparation period.

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