"Recognition is great but don't wait for others to recognize or put you on their Wall of Fame.

Your GROWTH is your RESPONSIBILITY so believe in yourself, recognize the HERO in you and start building your Wall of FAME."

Are you Ready?

- Rami Kaibni


  • Ruben de la Rosa
    Rami’s mentorship has been a transformative experience, guiding me through the complexities of the construction industry and helping me sharpen my skills. His exceptional expertise, rooted in profound industry knowledge, has been a compass for me in navigating challenges and illuminating opportunities. His unwavering support and motivation have been invaluable in providing me with impetus to overcome obstacles. Notably, he played a pivotal role in shaping my professional goals and objectives, offering strategic insights that have become a cornerstone of my career trajectory. Equally remarkable has been Rami's commitment to enhancing my skills and abilities as a Project Manager. Through our sessions, he identified areas for improvement, offering advice and strategies to amplify my performance. This experience has been a milestone in my career, and it is already paying off in such a short time. I express my sincere appreciation for Rami. My professional journey has been enriched by the wisdom and encouragement I received from him throughout the six months of mentorship.
    Ruben de la Rosa
    Project Manager - Railcraft International, Canada
  • Anwar Al-Nimri
    Rami’s professional reputation and attitude precedes him. I heard about Rami from my previous employer (Rami worked for them for more than 9 years), connected with him on LinkedIn and was always inspired by his career growth and achievements. Late 2022, I was at a crossroads and decided to start my career growth path but was confused as to what path I should take in order to grow my career in the right direction so I connected with Rami for mentorship. We had a few online sessions where Rami answered all questions I had, assessed my situation, identified the career gaps I needed to work on and helped me put a professional development plan to compliment my career growth path. I can’t emphasize enough how much value Rami’s advise and expertise added to me as a professional and the tremendous benefit I got from his mentorship. Now, I have a clear solid growth path, and I already started my first step in the journey preparing for my PMP certification. He also helped me prepare well for a very important job interview. Thank you, Rami, for all the guidance and motivation you provided, you will always be my mentor and idol.
    Anwar Al Nimri
    Construction Specialist - Bechtel, KSA
  • Ashu Kola
    I started my career journey confused, frustrated, and wondering what to do next following my bachelor’s degree. Fortunate for me, I met Rami on LinkedIn, followed him, then gradually became aware, thanks to him, of the many professional development opportunities in the project management world like the PMP. He has always been a mentor to me, sharing materials, short courses, and giving me exposure to many things unconsciously like PMO Global. Today I am a PMP and a scrum master. All thanks to Rami’s mentorship, leadership and guidance he offered. I just want to say Thank You for everything, for being a friend, brother and a mentor to me. I am so grateful.
    Ashu Maurice Kola, PMP
    Project Manager - Cameroon
  • Nidaa Abu Al Hayjaa
    Over several months, I’ve spent tremendous efforts, money, and time in preparation for my PMP exam, however and unfortunately, I failed my first attempt which was shocking as I never failed an exam before. On the other hand, I was pressed in time as getting my PMP was of utmost importance because it was a prerequisite for getting my dream job. I consulted many and kept searching for a coach to help guide me pass my second attempt until I met Rami on LinkedIn and he was the only one who was able to diagnose my situation perfectly and provide me with a solid solution and roadmap. After the first session with Rami, he convinced me that failing the exam is not the end of the world, but it means that I am a step closer to passing the PMP Exam. He helped relief me from the psychological stress, provided me with a great positive energy and outstanding support which encouraged me to schedule my second attempt immediately following the first coaching session with Rami. Within 21 days, and with Rami’s great help and support, I passed the PMP exam with great scores. I am very grateful to have had Rami as a coach as his wisdom and advices helped me achieve my goal. Today I am a PMP certified professional and proud of my BIG achievement! Thank you Rami, and wish you more and more success in your coaching career.
    Nidaa Abu AlHayjaa, M.Sc., PMP
    Senior Project Manager - enGen, USA
  • Mona Fazel
    Rami is an absolutely inspiring coach and experienced management professional. During the PMO Hackathon organized by PMO Global Alliance in 2020, we worked together with a team of professionals on a project where he was assigned as a mentor to the project team. Rami was a great asset to the team with his valuable ideas, and the energy he provided to the team members. He brings a unique balance to the table between being an effective communicator, active listener and great team player. I look forward to continuing our relationship and working together with Rami on future initiatives.
    Mona Fazel, PMP
    Chief Operating Officer - Iran
  • Nabeel Ur Rahman
    I interacted with Rami during my preparation for IIBA - Certified Business Data Analytics (CBDA) examination. We had a two hours certification guidance session where he walked me through IIBA guides comprehensively and explained some key concepts very well which helped be pass this exam from the first attempt. The practical examples Rami provided me with helped me in understanding the concepts not only for the purposes of the exam but in my professional work as well. I highly recommend Rami for the certifications guidance. I am very happy to have passed the exam - Thank you Rami.
    Nabeel Ur Rahman
    Associate Manager - Accenture, Germany
  • Mira Abdel Nour
    Early April 2020, I started looking into how I can smoothly move to Canada and start my career there. I came across Rami’s profile on LinkedIn and immediately contacted him hoping to get some answers. He promptly responded to my inquiries in a very professional and detailed manner which helped me a lot in properly aligning my thoughts. In September, Rami mentored me patiently and assisted me in building a competitive and professional resume that is ATS compliant and gave me practical and sound advice in order to get on the right track for a fresh start. His mentoring and coaching were very valuable because they are supported by a wealth of knowledge and years of experience. I absolutely recommend Rami to anyone looking for career coaching and professional development mentoring. I will always refer back to him for my future professional development. Thank you Rami for the honest individual support you provided me with despite all your responsibilities and hectic schedule.
    Mira Abdel Nour, M.Eng.
    Mechanical Engineer - Lebanon
  • Ola Abdelhamid
    I was first introduced to Rami in the last class of the Business Analysis course at Simon Fraser University (SFU) where he was a member of the expert panel answering our questions on how to start our career in BA. It was a great opportunity to connect with him afterwards and benefit from his knowledge and expertise in the field. I loved working with Rami, he had so many insights that were extremely useful to me. I really needed a lot of direction and mentoring which he provided in a supportive and professional manner. On the other hand, as a new comer to Vancouver it was not easy to figure out many critical things which he uncovered for me and fully explained. Rami was also very honest, transparent and helpful with his advice regarding my situation and goals which I really appreciated and I trust that his recommendations will be vital in my future career development.
    Ola Abdelhamid, MBA
    Consultant -, Canada
  • Kaveh Masrour
    Rami is a very knowledgeable and resourceful coach who was recommended to me by the IAPM when I was in need of some help for my Senior Project Manager (CSPM) certification. He walked me through all the necessary material in a very efficient, detailed and timely manner and  introduced me to additional areas that were not covered in the certification guide. I was delighted to pass a very tough exam at the first attempt and thanks to all the guidance and support that I received from Rami. We stayed in touch after the exam and Rami has been helping me decide how to further grow professionally in this ever challenging and demanding world. His knowledge and expertise are second to none and I strongly recommend Rami to anyone looking for help and advice on Project Management, Professional Development, and Career Coaching.
    Kaveh Masrour, CSPM, PSM
    Head of PMO - Behavox, Canada
  • Diana Stansberry
    I know very few people of the knowledge level of Rami and even fewer that are so generous with information and support.  When I needed help and had no one to turn to, I popped into the member network of PMI and found that Rami responded to many inquiries and his answers were direct, on-point and appreciated by many.  I reached out to him for consultation on my professional development.  He was honest with me and gave me the input necessary to help me get to the next level in my career.  How does someone who has such demands on his time give such individualized attention?  I can only say that his enormous success has much to do with his love for the profession and how much he has helped others.  More than anything it makes me want to pay it forward.  Thank you, Rami.  You are world-class.
    Diana Stansberry, PMP
    Project Manager - USA
  • Andrea Antunes
    Rami is a great career coach and mentor. I had the opportunity to meet him during the 2020 PMI mentorship program intake hosted by PMI Canadian West Coast Chapter in Vancouver and he has been my mentor since then. His knowledge in the different industries and expertise in project management and professional development is outstanding and I feel truly lucky he was my mentor as he took my experience to the next level. Besides being very results-oriented, motivating and inspiring, he is passionate, caring and friendly. The coaching and guidance he provided me with has been particularly valuable in helping me achieve my professional development and career goals. I highly recommend Rami to anyone who is looking to grow both personally and professionally.
    Andréa Antunes, MBA, CSM, CSPO
    Project Coordinator - AWP, Canada 
  • Rachel Francis
    In May 2019, I was struggling with my Agile Practitioner exam after my failed first attempt and while searching for mentors on LinkedIn, I came across Rami's profile and connected with him. I explained to him my situation and he gladly offered to help. We met for multiple sessions and he not only prepared me well for the exam, but he also boosted my confidence, and answered all my questions patiently without making me feel less. Two months later, I passed the exam flawlessly. He also gave me some great tips for my career and for future professional development. As a coach and mentor, Rami is brilliant and brings with him lots of experience and knowledge. His coaching style is very smooth and I am currently in a much better place because of him. I highly recommend Rami to anyone looking for solid professional development and career coaching.
    Rachel Francis, PMI-ACP, PSM
    IT PM Consultant, Kaiser, USA
  • Zarena Abkarshah
    What I appreciate most about Rami is his candidness feedback and he offers valuable tips on how I could improve my understanding in the field of Project Management. He is definitely someone whom I would highly recommend if you would want to seek professional advice in your career development or if you are a business entity seeking expertise in high-end projects. As a career coach and certified project agile advisor, he certainly lives up to the name.
    Zarena Akbarshah
    Airline Marketing Manager - ATR, Singapore 

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